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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Tour North Georgia Mountains:

After leaving Phoenix, I landed in the North Georgia Mountains to visit with Jen. I also got to see La who scheduled her trip to Jen's to time with mine-how considerate of her! The first day I was very busy helping Jen and her husband, Jared, finish up the guest room so La and Mr. La would have somewhere to sleep. Jen and Jared just recently moved to this house from Los Angeles. They're planning to start an alpaca farm at this old farmhouse. Jen has an old bed that was built for her great-great grandfather when he was a little boy and Jared "roped" it so it would hold a mattress. Jen and I watched, then I helped him test how tight the ropes were by swinging from them. It seemed pretty sturdy.

The next day we cleaned house and started making dinner for La and Mr. La's arrival. As soon as they got here Jen and La started having margaritas and running around in the rain instead of finishing the dinner. Well, someone had to do it, so I stepped up to the plate-so to speak.

I got lots of compliments on my cooking skills. Everybody was very glad that I stepped in to help. And even though I was the victim of a practical joke, it was still fun. Just to show them I wasn't mad, I seamed up La's Mariah sweater

La finished that sweater months ago but couldn't get up the courage to sew it. I just taught her a simple mattress seam. Jen made a joke to La about how it's so easy a monkey could do it, but it's true. We also went to a Lake. I think it was Lake Seed, but it's connected to Lake Rabun and Lake Burton and Jen lives near the Soque River, so I could be confusing the names. It was kind of cold, but it was very pretty and we got to drive up a remote dirt road to get there. Mr. La was holding on for dear life. Jen and La were looking at catalogs. I was thinking how fun it would be to drive. Mr. La would REALLY be afraid then! Here's a picture of the lake:

We stopped at a store by the lake and bought Jumbo Boiled Peanuts because La and Mr. La had never had them and Jared really loves that store's cajun style ones. La and I thought they were really good. The lake has a lot of vacation homes with matching boat houses, but since it's a cold time of year and it was the middle of the week we had the run of the place. We set our picnic out in the sun. I ate a lot of grapes and peanuts, but there was a roasted eggplant and tomato basil dip that I helped make and it was my favorite after the boiled peanuts.

We had to hurry because the sun was setting early in the mountains and it was getting cold. Tomorrow I'll show you what we made when we got back to Jen's.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Zira's Phoenix Tour: Day 3

Today Illanna and I made a shrinky dink necklace together. I really liked the one that Illanna made for herself, and I decided to learn to make one for me! It was easy and fun.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Zira's Phoenix Tour Day 2

is that creme brulee?

On Tuesday night, Illanna took me to hang out with her knitting friends for Pam's birthday party. Here's a picture of me with Pam- we are partying:

partyin' with pam

I really enjoyed drinking wine with such lovely people. I met Sarah who organized this event. She's wearing the same shirt as Gob wore in season 2 of Arrested Development.

partyin' with sarah

Look at what Melanie did behind my back while I wasn't looking!

bunny ears!

That Melanie... she's a prankster... I also got to see Heather and Michelle's Clapotis. Very beautiful knits... I think I want one too, but I would need to size down the pattern to small monkey size.

it's a clapparty!

When no one was looking, I took a few tortilla chips,

yummm spinach artichokey

and a few sips of wine.

pinot... my favorite!

Hey, I'm allowed! I'm 21 in monkey years!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Zira's Phoenix Tour: Day 1

I arrived in Phoenix safely, and it's sunny and warm. The weather is very dry, and there are many cacti! The picture above shows me in front of a huge cactus.

That's me and Illanna. She's hosting me, and she took me to Tempe Beach. Tempe is part of the Phoenix Metro Area, and it is the college town of Arizona State University. I was surprised to see a beach in the desert! It's actually a dammed lake of the Salt River. Phoenix gets a lot of power from this water dam.

The bridge behind me in this picture is very new and beautiful. I really wanted to go swimming, but Illanna didn't think it was such a good idea. She pointed out that I did not have my bathing suit with me.

We relaxed next to the water for a while, but then we got thirsty. I had to make sure that I stayed hydrated in the dry climate:

So far Phoenix is a blast. Tonight Illanna and I are going to a knitting birthday party for Illanna's friend. I'll check in again tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Zira, upon returning to Singapore decides to go more sightseeing with us.

We decided to go check out
Chinatown in Singapore; the only place where you get to see a Hindu temple (Sri Mariamman Temple - to be exact) right smack amidst those buildings! Zira decides to offer her prayers for peace on earth.

Click here for a

Later in the evening, we decided to head over to Boat Quay for dinner. Here's the night view.

I wished we could have taken the al fresco seats -- we could then showed you the Empress Place that's on the opposite side of the river. But alas, there's a group of tourists that took up the entire al fresco area seating.

Well, Zira's about done with her trip in Singapore & Bangkok now. She's heading off to her next host soon...watch this space!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Zira was squealing over the excitement of this little roadside stall -- bananas in pratas (meaning: bread in Indian)!

We have this dish in Singapore as well, but mostly just the plain prata with curry dip. This one in Bangkok comes with banana slices in it. The hawker then drizzles condensed milk and sugar over it -- great dessert food!

And this is yet another interesting shrine that is located near our hotel:

After all these, Zira is so tired that we decided to head back to Singapore again!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

After spending a couple of days in Singapore, Zira decides to hop on the plane to Bangkok with us.

She's making friends with my hubby who has been showing her the sights.

We found this little restaurant that claims to sell Singapore Chicken Rice. Ha! Too bad it was closed else we would have gone in and tried it.

For icky food, hubby and I were on a food dare: fried locusts! (Ok, so we didn't manage to take a picture but here's a link to the equivalent icky:
fried grasshoppers.) They tasted like fried mini shrimps if you have tried those; with the outer shells and all. Zira decides that she wants no part in this *fear factor* feat.

And of course, what is Bangkok without its traffic and roadside stalls?

Or the various shrines?

We noticed that every major building has some form of shrine built right next or in front of them in their compounds. I think they have it as a form of respect to the gods and for prosperity; not to mention warding off any ill luck.