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Monday, July 25, 2005

Renee here. I am soooooo excited. Zira the monkey from Indigo Muse Knits (www.indigomuse.blogspot.com) arrived at my parent's home in Newfoundland this morning. Over the next little while, I will be chronicling her trip to "The Rock". You can also read about her adventures over at my blog www.froggiemeanie.blogspot.com.

Since Zira is travelling all over the world, I thought I'd start with a wee geography lesson. Newfoundland is the youngest province in Canada. It joined confederation in 1949. Before that we were a British Commonwealth (separate country altogether). A few years ago, the official name of the province became "Newfoundland and Labrador". I'm having trouble getting used to this name change. We are the purple province:

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Labrador is the mainland part of the province and Newfoundland is the island.

Here is a close up:

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The fishery is Newfoundland's primary industry but it has declined in recent years due to decreases in the number of fish. Other industries include logging/pulp and paper, offshore oil and tourism.

We are currently in Corner Brook on the west coast of the island. Corner Brook is a beautiful paper town (the steam you can see in the picture is rising from the paper mill):

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Ok, back to Zira. I have been patiently waiting for her to arrive for a couple of days. I'm here on vacation and I would have hated for her to arrive just as I was leaving town. Today, the doorbell rang and the postman handed me a box. We gave it to the postal inspector to make sure it was safe:

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Then I opened it to find a slightly travel weary Zira:

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She wanted some fresh air so I took her out on the patio. It is a bit of a grey day so I thought a hat and raglan (borrowed from some dolls from my childhood) would be in order:

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Then, we fed her a nice traditional Newfoundland lunch - toutons (t'out-uns) with fancy molasses:

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Toutons are deep fried white bread dough. They taste best smothered in molasses but when I was a kid my mother used to make some with jam inside too. They are absolutely delicious but not very heartsmart. We're on vacation - we don't care.

Right now, Zira is resting. I have lots of plans to show her around so stay tuned!


Blogger Cheryl said...

Hi Zira! Hope your trip is going well. I tried to add my location to your list of possible destinations, but the map thingy wasn't cooperating. You have an open invitation to Cincinnati, OH, USA on your world tour.

Mon Jul 25, 03:01:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Table Mountains said...

forget your heart...toutons are great!

Fri Jan 06, 02:57:00 PM EST  

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