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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I have painters coming to my house today and I will have to vacate the premesis so I think this Zira post will be a little shorter (probably to the relief of anyone reading). I know there isn't a lot of knitting in these posts. It's mostly about how much fun this wacky woman had with a felted monkey. But, I think there are some things to be learned about a different place on the planet if you'll bear with me. I promise we'll be back to my regular blog fodder before long (I miss Miss Monkey though).

Here we have Zira writing a postcard home:

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The postcard is of Bonne Bay (the bay where the Tablelands and Woody Point are). The Canucks among you will note that she's sitting with a cup of Tim Hortons coffee. Actually, I think this was a large half coffee half hot chocolate (I get in a sweet mood sometimes). We're ADDICTED to this crap. The coffee is ok but not spectacular and the donuts, well, they're donuts. Someone once told me they added MSG to the coffee. Would that make it addictive? I obviously don't care....I'm sipping one right now.

Canada, I hear, has the largest number of coffee shops per capita in the world. Corner Brook, where my parents live, has a population of about 22,000 people and we have 6 Tim Hortons (no apostrophy) in the municipality. When I lived in Kitchener, I could stand on the street corner and see the signs for 4 Tim's. We also have a lot of Second Cups, Starbucks, Timothy's and assorted independent shops. We're a friendly people cause we're always caffienated.

Tim Hortons is named after a hockey player - he played for the Toronto Maple Leafs. I think that's why there are very few Hortons in Quebec....the Montreal Canadiens are the arch enemies of the Leafs and I think it would seem like a form of blasphemy for the Quebecois to frequent a spot founded by an evil, evil, Maple Leaf.

Anyway, enough about coffee....

Zira also drove through the Humber Valley (five minutes from Corner Brook) and saw the man in the mountain. Here's her photo from the dashboard of my mother-in-law's car:

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Here's a close up of the man (can you see him? He is looking down and to the right):

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Legend has it that the Spanish buried a treasure of gold on Shellbird Island in the Humber River and that the man in the mountain is a marker for that treasure. I don't buy into that one myself but it is still fun to see the old guy up there.

We stopped to gaze longingly at Marble Mountain, best downhill skiing east of the Rockies. I couldn't get a photo of the slopes (and they aren't any fun in the summer anyway) but here is a trail map:

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If you are at all interested in downhill skiing you should click on the link for Marble's Official Website.

Ok, gotta go. We'll see you soon (to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Canadian Currency). I have to get all of Zira's adventures posted before she arrives at her next locale in Illinois!


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