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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Zira arrived earlier last week at a hectic time. She was maybe going to see the President of the US! Wow! How many felted monkey’s can say that? Well, we tried to get her in, but she didn’t have a ticket. Also, the Secret Service was looking at her kind of funny. Rather than risk it, Zira wasn’t able to physically be at the event . She seemed pretty content reading about it though!!


Besides, she needed to rest up for Stitches! Too much shopping and learning and not enough time! She was packed safely into my bag with my camera, homework, wallet (!!!), and a snack or two. Yoda was jealous, she wanted to come with us, but I told her that doggies were not welcome at this event—only felted monkeys.


As soon as the Stephens Convention Center came into view she got all excited. She is one very focused monkey….focused on shopping!!!!


Zira was a very naughty monkey when it came to enabling. She wanted me to go to the market instead of classes…


First she tried to tempt me with discounted cashmere at the Fringe booth….


Then, she tried to get me to buy some alpaca…


There were many other books (oh, she knows my weakness for books), yarns, and fun stuff that Zira enticed me with. But this is all I came home with...


In the first shot we see some Alpaca and The Opinionated Knitter from the Yarn Barn, Silk and Mohair from Habu Textiles, and Shetland Tweed from Webs. In the other shot is a needle felting kit and some Merino Roving for needle felting.

Some close ups of the Alpaca, Silk, Mohair, and Shetland Wool.

Whew!! It was tough, but I stayed strong. Zira is one enabling little Monkey!

Then it was off to class. The first class we went to was Overcoming the fear of Cutting taught by Nancy Bush. I think I want to attempt a traditional Fair Isle sweater now--and cut it open for a cardigan! She loved Zira; can’t you tell….


Nancy said that Zira is like the traveling gnome and that if Zira needs some cool places to go, she could suggest some and knows some people that would love to take her in!

Saturday morning class was the Joy of Finishing taught by Chris Bylsma. This was the best class!!! I will now have beautifully finished garments!!

Chris also loved the monkey in pink….


That morning, we also caught up with Bonne Marie of ChicKnit fame…


Bonne told me she loves monkeys and that a pattern for Zira like monkeys would be bought in a second by her! Hint, Hint!!

Zira also made some friends at the Windy City Knitting Guild booth…


And found someone that resembles a long lost cousin…


Very distant cousin, she says!

Zira also experienced her first Chicago Rush Hour on the expressway. The picture really doesn’t do the amount of traffic justice. My favorite part was when the mini-van on the right gave me the finger when he cut me off. Gotta love Chicago drivers!!!


We made it home safely!! Now Zira is relaxing the rest of the weekend while I finish up some projects!


Blogger Renee said...

I hung out with a monkey who hung out with Nancy Bush....coooooool! Glad to see you guys are having fun!

Wed Aug 17, 03:11:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous margene said...

How fun for Zira to meet Nancy Bush who is one of my favorite people.

Tue Aug 23, 03:59:00 PM EDT  
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