Zira's World Tour

Just a felted monkey diva blogging about her trip around the world.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Zira had the fun of checking out my incoming mails. And here's what she saw: an RAOK from Julie.

And seeing me doing some crochet on my commissioned work, she's decided to have a go at them too.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

As part of Zira's world tour, she's decided to find out more about Singapore.

Here she is, having a view out of our unit. Most Singaporeans stay in HDB housing estates or flats as we normally refer to them.

Then last night, we made a trip to an idyllic place for dinner...[yes, Singapore's all about food!]

This place is tucked in a quaint corner of Singapore. It's actually nestled amongst the landed properties. They serve huge portions of Texan cuisine...the onion rings are yum!

And check out the provision shop next to it!

These are the ones that we've grown up with during the 70s to late 80s. They sell a whole array of household items like detergent, soap, brooms to necessities like rice, condiments and also stuff drinks and snacks. The shop lady had to come out and look at what I was doing! LOL

Oh, and see this?

They're called bottle trees. Originally from Australia, we heard that the owners uprooted and transported these trees to Singapore at a cost of S$30 grand each! Wow!

Monday, September 19, 2005

GT & I went to dinner with Zira. When Zira turned to the very first page, she was amused and insisted that I show all of you:

Click on the photo for a close up look of what it says....

GT almost died for he is one that can't go without chilli if he can help it. I mean, he literally heaps chilli sauce onto everything he eats (like white rice, yes, he does that!) , except for desserts! But the food was so good - I'll spare you all of the food photos lest your drool get onto your keyboards. [grin] Too bad this restaurant is closing in November.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

She's just arrived from her Israel trip. Despite being all tired out, she's decided to check out my knitting stash. And with yarn being so comfy, Zira decides to lounge on them!

Well, she's checking out my yarns that are lined up for the knitting & crochet classes. Yup, those are stashed right at my home where my students, customers & I can have immediate access to them. The rest, I'm having them delivered as when needed. (Can't store too much since my personal stash is already occupying 8 chubbies!)

Then Zira decides to check out my spinning wheel.

Ok, so the wheel's not real. Zira is still upbeat & tells me that I'll get to own a spinning wheel one day if I set my mind to it. Ha! Wait till I learn to spin properly...