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Saturday, September 17, 2005

She's just arrived from her Israel trip. Despite being all tired out, she's decided to check out my knitting stash. And with yarn being so comfy, Zira decides to lounge on them!

Well, she's checking out my yarns that are lined up for the knitting & crochet classes. Yup, those are stashed right at my home where my students, customers & I can have immediate access to them. The rest, I'm having them delivered as when needed. (Can't store too much since my personal stash is already occupying 8 chubbies!)

Then Zira decides to check out my spinning wheel.

Ok, so the wheel's not real. Zira is still upbeat & tells me that I'll get to own a spinning wheel one day if I set my mind to it. Ha! Wait till I learn to spin properly...


Blogger La said...

You know what I'm missing about your world tour, Zira? A picture of you with each host!

Thu Sep 22, 02:43:00 PM EDT  

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