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Saturday, October 01, 2005

After spending a couple of days in Singapore, Zira decides to hop on the plane to Bangkok with us.

She's making friends with my hubby who has been showing her the sights.

We found this little restaurant that claims to sell Singapore Chicken Rice. Ha! Too bad it was closed else we would have gone in and tried it.

For icky food, hubby and I were on a food dare: fried locusts! (Ok, so we didn't manage to take a picture but here's a link to the equivalent icky:
fried grasshoppers.) They tasted like fried mini shrimps if you have tried those; with the outer shells and all. Zira decides that she wants no part in this *fear factor* feat.

And of course, what is Bangkok without its traffic and roadside stalls?

Or the various shrines?

We noticed that every major building has some form of shrine built right next or in front of them in their compounds. I think they have it as a form of respect to the gods and for prosperity; not to mention warding off any ill luck.


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