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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Zira's Phoenix Tour Day 2

is that creme brulee?

On Tuesday night, Illanna took me to hang out with her knitting friends for Pam's birthday party. Here's a picture of me with Pam- we are partying:

partyin' with pam

I really enjoyed drinking wine with such lovely people. I met Sarah who organized this event. She's wearing the same shirt as Gob wore in season 2 of Arrested Development.

partyin' with sarah

Look at what Melanie did behind my back while I wasn't looking!

bunny ears!

That Melanie... she's a prankster... I also got to see Heather and Michelle's Clapotis. Very beautiful knits... I think I want one too, but I would need to size down the pattern to small monkey size.

it's a clapparty!

When no one was looking, I took a few tortilla chips,

yummm spinach artichokey

and a few sips of wine.

pinot... my favorite!

Hey, I'm allowed! I'm 21 in monkey years!


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